Freddie's Amazing Bakery Collection 4 Books Set By Harriet Whitehorn (The Great Raspberry Mix-Up,Dancing with Doughnuts,The Sticky Cake Race,The Cookie Mystery)

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Oxford University Press SKU: LWP10594
ISBN: 9787293109429
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Harriet Whitehorn

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Titles In This Set:
The Great Raspberry Mix-Up
Dancing with Doughnuts
The Sticky Cake Race
The Cookie Mystery


The Great Raspberry Mix-Up:
Born to bake. Happy to help.
Freddie Bonbon is the kindest boy in town. He is also the most amazing baker - he just doesn't know it! So when the King of Cakes competition is announced, all his friends and customers encourage him to enter. Everyone wants Freddie to win! Everyone that is, except rival baker Bernard, who will go to any lengths to make sure Freddie's showstopper cake is a raspberry-blowing disaster!
Stories that are full of fun with gorgeous illustrations throughout. Freddie is a like-able and positive character who promotes the idea that you don't need superpowers or magic to succeed - you just need to try hard and do your best.


The Cookie Mystery:
Freddie Bonbon is the most AMAZING baker in town and somebody loves his cakes so much they've stolen them! Who could have done such a thing? And when superstar cat Cookie goes missing too, it looks as though the town has a mystery on its hands . . . could Freddie's little dog, Flapjack, be the one to solve it?


Dancing with Doughnuts:
Freddie Bonbon is THE BEST baker in Belville and although life is busy, he always has time to lend a hand and solve his friends' problems! In this third story in the series Freddie's best friend Amira is excited to be dancing in the Summer Show - but disaster strikes when her partner Samuel gets injured. Luckily Freddie is happy to try and combat his nerves and learn the steps. But as the big day arrives, rival Bernard - ever ready to step in if Freddie changes his mind - is waiting in the wings with some naughty tricks up his sleeve. Watch out Freddie!


The Sticky Cake Race:
Freddie Bonbon is THE BEST baker in Belville and, although life is busy, he always has time to lend a hand and solve his friends' problems. In this fourth story in the series, the team from Freddie's Amazing Bakery (Freddie, Sophie, and Amira) are looking forward to racing in the annual Belville Rally! It's supposed to be a fun charity event, but rival baker Bernard is taking it all very seriously. He's desperate to finish first and has a few nasty tricks up his sleeve. Will Bernard's cheating ways put him in first place, or can Freddie pull the brakes on his dastardly plans?

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