Glendale Hall Series 5 Books Collection Set By Victoria Walters (Coming Home, New Beginnings, Hopeful Hearts, Always and Forever, Dreams Come True)

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ISBN: 9789124079291
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Victoria Walters

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Titles In this Set:
Coming Home to Glendale Hall:
New Beginnings At Glendale Hall:
Hopeful Hearts at Glendale Hall:
Always and Forever at Glendale Hall:
Dreams Come True at Glendale Hall:


Coming Home to Glendale Hall:
Beth Williams hasn't been home for ten years. When she fell pregnant at just sixteen, knowing that her family would never approve, she ran away from the imposing Scottish estate that had been her home, building a new life for herself and her daughter hundreds of miles away.

New Beginnings At Glendale Hall:
Emily Prescott's life isn't going to plan. Her dreams of starting a family with fireman boyfriend Greg and opening up her own bakery in London feel like they will never come true. So when a wedding invite arrives from her oldest friend, Beth Williams, Emily is thrilled.

Hopeful Hearts at Glendale Hall:
Heather Douglas appears to have it all. But living on a farm in the Scottish Highlands with her partner, Rory Fraser, all while bringing up their adorable toddler, Harry, isn't easy. As a former librarian, Heather is worried that she'll never fully fit into life on Fraser Farm.

Always and Forever at Glendale Hall:
Anna Stewart is lost. After barely surviving a car accident as a teenager, Anna is scared of settling. Flitting between jobs, boyfriends and homes whenever she gets bored, she has no idea what the future holds.

Dreams Come True at Glendale Hall:
Lorna Ferguson has dreamt of opening her own bed and breakfast in the village of Glendale for as long as she'd pictured falling in love. While her love life remains frankly hopeless, Lorna is determined to secure Dove House - the home she imagined living in as a child - to start this new venture with her family.

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