Gym Stars Collection 3 Books Set Pack by Jane Lawes - Friendships and Backflips

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Usborne Publishing SKU: LWP2150
ISBN: 9787293100921
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Jane Lawes

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Friendships and Backflips (Gym Stars)
Tara has been entered for her first ever gym competition and she's desperate to win. But she's so busy learning the tricky routine that she doesn't have time for her best friends.When they all fall out, Tara realizes that her friends are more special than any medal. Can she find a way to make up with them and follow her gym star dreams?With a foreword by Olympic medal winner Beth Tweddle.

Summertime and Somersaults (Gym Stars)
Tara loves gym and spends every spare moment practising in her garden.When she joins the Silverdale Gym Club, Tara's catapulted into their star team. But with so many new things to learn - like backflips, somersaults and handsprings, how will Tara ever catch up with her talented teammates?With a foreword by Olympic medal winner Beth Tweddle.

Handsprings and Homework (Gym Stars)
Gym-mad Tara still can't believe she's part of the Silverdale Gym Club - and that she's through to a national competition!But Tara's homework is starting to pile up and when her teachers notice that her schoolwork is sliding she's in big trouble... Can Tara finish all her work on time and win a gold medal?With a foreword by Olympic medal winner Beth Tweddle.

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