Helen Dexter Cosy Crime Mysteries 2 Books Set by Glenda Young (Murder at the Seaview Hotel, Curtain Call at the Seaview Hotel)

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Step into the charming world of the "Helen Dexter Cosy Crime Mysteries 2 Books Set" by Glenda Young, where intrigue, humor, and sleuthing prowess come together in a delightful duo of novels. This collection introduces readers to Helen Dexter, an endearing amateur detective, as she navigates the twists and turns of crime-solving in a picturesque setting.

Titles in this Set:

Murder at the Seaview Hotel
Curtain Call at the Seaview Hotel


In "Murder at the Seaview Hotel," readers are invited to the tranquil Seaview Hotel, where Helen Dexter unexpectedly finds herself embroiled in a baffling murder mystery. With keen wit and a penchant for getting to the bottom of things, Helen takes on the role of detective to uncover secrets, untangle motives, and reveal the truth behind the heinous crime. As she delves deeper into the lives of the hotel's guests and staff, she discovers that even in idyllic surroundings, darkness can lurk just beneath the surface.

"Curtain Call at the Seaview Hotel" welcomes readers back to the Seaview Hotel for another captivating adventure with Helen Dexter. This time, the hotel hosts a theatrical production that takes an unexpected and tragic turn. Helen once again finds herself caught in the midst of a puzzling mystery, and as she unravels the threads of deception and drama, she must navigate the complexities of human relationships and unravel hidden motives to expose the culprit.

The "Helen Dexter Cosy Crime Mysteries 2 Books Set" offers a delightful escape into a world of suspense and humor. Glenda Young's writing effortlessly combines engaging plots with well-drawn characters, making for a cozy reading experience that keeps you guessing until the final reveal. Perfect for fans of classic whodunits and cozy mysteries, this collection invites readers to curl up with a cup of tea and join Helen Dexter on her quest to solve crimes in a setting that's as charming as it is full of secrets.

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