Horrible Geography & Murderous Maths 22 Books Box Collection Set by Anita Ganeri & Poskitt Kjartan

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Horrible Geography 12 Books Box Collection Set:
1. Wild Islands
2. Violent Volcanoes
3. Stormy Weather
4. Raging Rivers
5. Perishing Poles
6. Odious Oceans
7. Monster Lakes
8. Freaky Peaks
9. Earth-Shattering Earthquakes
10. Desperate Deserts
11. Cracking Coasts
12. Bloomin Rainforests

Wave goodbye to boring geography lessons with these fascinating books from the publisher of Horrible Histories. Ideal for children who are confident readers, this series is packed with fascinating facts, enlightening cartoons and true tales of the violent, stormy and uninhabitable place that our world can sometimes be. Best of all, these books are full of real information that will, in the liveliest way, introduce this important subject.

Murderous Maths X 10 Books:
1) Awesome Aritmetricks
2) Desperate Measures
3) Do You Feel Lucky
4) Easy Questions Evil Answers
5) Guaranteed to Bend Your Brain
6) Guaranteed to Mash Your Mind
7) The Key to the Universe
8) The Perfect Sausage
9) The Phantom X
10) Savage Shapes

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