Horrible Science by Nick Arnold 10 Books Collection (The Terrible Truth, Painful Poison, Angry Animal, Evolve & Many More)

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Dive into the fascinating world of science with the "Horrible Science" collection by Nick Arnold, a thrilling series that blends humor, curiosity, and educational insights to make learning an unforgettable adventure. This captivating 10-book set invites young readers to explore the weird, wacky, and sometimes downright disgusting aspects of the natural world, uncovering the secrets behind everything from microscopic monsters to shocking electricity.

Titles in this Set:

The Terrible Truth
Painful Poison
Angry Animal
Evolve or Die
Ugly Bug
Fatal Forces
Shocking Electricity
Microscopic Monster
Sounds Dreadful
Killer Energy


In "The Terrible Truth," readers will discover the science behind some of the most gruesome historical events, while "Painful Poison" delves into the deadly substances lurking in nature and their surprising uses. "Angry Animals" introduces the wild side of the animal kingdom, exploring the bizarre behaviors and survival tactics of creatures big and small.

Prepare to witness evolution in action with "Evolve or Die," uncover the creepy-crawly world of "Ugly Bugs," and feel the forces of nature at work in "Fatal Forces." From the electrifying experiments of "Shocking Electricity" to the microscopic mysteries of "Microscopic Monsters," each book in the collection offers a unique perspective on the wonders of science.

With titles like "Sounds Dreadful" and "Killer Energy," readers will be drawn into a world of strange sounds and powerful forces, learning how sound waves and energy impact our daily lives in unexpected ways.

Filled with quirky illustrations, fun facts, and engaging experiments, the "Horrible Science" collection makes learning an exhilarating journey of discovery. Whether delving into the depths of the ocean or exploring the mysteries of outer space, these books inspire curiosity, spark imagination, and ignite a passion for scientific exploration in readers of all ages.

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