Horrible Series Collection 40 Books Set Horrible Histories, Horrible Science New

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Scholastic SKU: LWP9479
ISBN: 9788033655299
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Terry Deary

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Titles in this set

Horrible Science Bulging Box Set:
Sounds Dreadful
Space,Stars and Slimy Aliens
Terrible Truth About Time
Viclous Veg
Painful Poison
Microscoplc Monsters
Killer Energy
Frightening Light
Fight for Flight
Angry Animals
Evolove or Die
Disgusting Digestion
Deadly Diseases
Chemical Chaos
Bulging Brains
Blood, Bones and Body Bits
Fatal Forces
Shocking Electricity
Nasty Nature
Ugly Bugs

Horrible Histories Blood Curdling Box Set :
Savage Stone Age
Awesome Egyptians
Groovy Greeks
Rotten Romans
Cut-Throat Celts
Smashing Saxons
Vicious Vikings
Stormin Normans
Angry Aztecs
Incredible Incas
Measly Middle Age
Terrible Tudors
Slimy Stuarts
Gorgeous Georgians
Vile Victorians
Villinous Victorians
Barmy British Empire
Frighteul First World War
Woeful Second World War
Bilitzed Brits

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