How To Ride A Bike Book By Sir Chris Hoy - Six Time Olympic Champion HB

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AUTHOR: Sir Chris Hoy

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'Chris is someone I've always looked up to. A true role model.' - Geraint Thomas, 2018 Tour de France winner

An invaluable manual for cyclists of all ages, experience and ability, which will help them achieve peak performance.

Full of practical advice, this book includes information on:

Strength conditioning to improve your performance

Targeted training plans to focus on strengthening weaker areas

Bike care & maintenance

Riding different terrains & environments

Road cycling skills & safety

The book will also help you explore your five key abilities of cycling fitness, defined as the maximum effort you can maintain for the following periods of time:

6 seconds (max sprinting)

30-60 seconds (sub-max sprinting)

3-5 minutes (VO2 max)

1 hour (zone of transition)

Several hours (long steady distance riding)

This book is training toolbox to structure bespoke sessions to improve these five facets of performance. How to Ride a Bike also features diet and weight loss advice, the psychology of cycling, and stories and anecdotes from Sir Chris Hoy's Olympic track career.

Full of helpful and inspiring advice for those getting on a bike for the first time in a while, along with plenty of tips and tricks for seasoned cyclists looking to take it up a notch, this is a book for beginners and pros alike.

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