How to Train Your Parents Collection 4 Books Set by Pete Johnson (Louis the Laugh Series) (How to Update Your Parents, My Parents are Driving Me Crazy & More!)

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ISBN: 9780678457313
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Pete Johnson

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Pete Johnson is incredibly funny. No book can ever make you laugh like How to Update Your Parents. He is a mastermind, and Louis can somehow find a funny side to everything. Martha Price (Perse Prep School) What can you do when you're trapped in a technology time warp? When Louis's parents decide he spends too much time 'glued to screens' they come up with their worst idea ever - a total ban on tablets, computers and mobiles! Louis needs a plan to fight back, and fast! Can his best friend Maddy come to the rescue? -- The brilliantly funny sequel to My Parents Are Driving Me Crazy.

Title in This Set:

  1. How to Update Your Parents
  2. How to Change Your Parents into Superstars
  3. How to Have Totally Awesome Parents
  4. My Parents are Driving Me Crazy

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