Iguana Boy Series 3 Books Collection Set By James Bishop

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Hodder Publishing SKU: LWP10516
ISBN: 9789124133191
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: James Bishop

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Titles In this Set:
Saves the World With a Triple Cheese Pizza
Iguana Boy vs. The 30 Second Thief
Iguana Boy and the Golden Toothbrush


Saves the World With a Triple Cheese Pizza:
Dylan has wanted a superpower for as long as he can remember, especially since his brother and sister have got really cool ones.But when his wish finally comes true, Dylan is MIGHTILY disappointed. For Dylan has become ... Iguana Boy. He can talk to Iguanas ... RUBBISH!

Iguana Boy vs. The 30 Second Thief:
He might have the lamest superpower ever but Dylan, AKA Iguana Boy, has proven himself worthy enough to be accepted into the superhero collective. Dylan is excited and his iguanas are hyper. Recipe for success, RIGHT? Iguana Boy and his team of iguanas eagerly await their orders to SAVE THE WORLD. But CEO of the Superhero Collective Ron Strongman doesn't have time for lowly superheroes.

Iguana Boy and the Golden Toothbrush:
Dylan, AKA Iguana Boy, EPICALLY FAILING his superhero missions. It's getting embarrassing now ...Fortunately, a MYSTERIOUS HERO is about to turn his luck around. BUT THEN, supervillain, MIND BENDER kidnaps all the superheroes and demands the government work flat out on a special GOLDEN TOOTHBRUSH!

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