Inspector Montalbano 5 Books Set Collection Vol 6 To 10 by Andrea Camilleri

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ISBN: 9780241390467
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Andrea Camilleri

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Titles in This Set

The Scent of the Night
Rounding the Mark
The Patience of the Spider
The Paper Moon
August Heat


The Scent of the Night
Montalbano learned how hard it was to put on a wetsuit while in a dinghy speeding over a sea that wasnt exactly calm. Mim, at the helm, looked tense and worried. Getting seasick? the inspector asked him at one point. No.

Rounding the Mark
He began swimming in slow, broad strokes. The sea smelled harsh, stinging his nostrils like champagne, and he nearly got drunk on it . . .
The Patience of the Spider
A brother,' he said. Jesus Christ! Now whered this brother come from? Whose brother? Montalbano had known from the start that between all the brothers, uncles, in-laws, nephews and nieces, this case was going to drive him crazy.
The Paper Moon
Motionless, Montalbano waited for the surf to enter his brain and wash it clean with each breaker. At last the first light wave came like a caress, swiiissshhh, and carried away, glugluglug, Elena Sclafani and her beauty, while Michela Pardos tits, belly, arched body and eyes likewise disappeared.
August Heat
As seen on TV: now a major BBC4 television series. Montalbano quickly slammed the trunk shut and sat down on top of it. When the beam from Livias torch shone on his face, he automatically smiled. Whats in the trunk? Livia asked. Nothing.

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