Iris Gower 6 books Collection ( Royal Ambition, House of Shadows, Fiddler Ferry, Spinner Wharf, Proud Mary, Bomber Moon)

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FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Iris Gower

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Proud Mary:
Mary Jenkins had dragged herself up from humble beginnings—first to be overseer in the Canal Street laundry, then to run her own market stall in Sweyn's Eye. But constantly fate—and the Sutton brothers—knocked her down again. Dean Sutton was prepared to set her up in a shop of her own, but only at his price, while Brandon Sutton threatened to destroy her with a love neither of them could control. But Mary was a fighter, determined to win whatever the odds, however great the sacrifice.

House of Shadows:

The moment artist Riana Evans sees the dilapidated mansion in Wales, she determines to buy it, despite its unhappy past - twenty years ago, five maids died there in mysterious circumstances.

The house's 'ghosts' prove good for business - inspiring her paintings and providing atmosphere at a series of ghost-spotting weekends. Her romantic life begins to look up too in the form of handsome airman Tom Maybury.

A Royal Ambition:
King Henry V's beautiful widow, Catherine, is determined to marry Owen Tudor, a Welsh gentleman-at-arms.But her life decisions are not her own, overshadowed as she is by more powerful men who are closer to the Throne.

Fiddler's Ferry:
The Llywelyn family's livelihood largely depends on the ferry, run by Siona Llywelyn, the kindly yet rugged head of the family.The family is large but close knit, held together by their mother Emily - a hard-working woman made old before her time having borne seven sons, and now with child once again.

Spinner's Wharf:
Rhian Grey left her home in Sweyn's Eye to make a life for herself in Yorkshire, where she learnt the skills of spinning and weaving. She also learnt to love Mansel Jack, a charismatic and ambitious mill-owner.When Rhian returns to Sweyn's Eye, it is to a town torn apart by anxiety and uncertainty, by the devastation of the Great War, a town whose worker's lives are governed by fear.

Bomber Moon:
Swansea, 1941. When her home is bombed, Meryl Jones is evacuated to Carmarthen. Hating it there, she runs away.
She is found by Michael, a half German farmer, and falls deeply in love with him - but he is already smitten with Meryl's beautiful older sister Hari.

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