Jamie Smart's LOOSHKIN Series 3 Books Collection Set(Looshkin: Honk If You See It!,Looshkin: Oof! Right in the Puddings! & Looshkin: The Maddest Cat in the World)

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Embark on a riotous journey into the wonderfully wacky world of Looshkin with Jamie Smart's LOOSHKIN Series 3 Books Collection Set! Join Looshkin, the maddest cat in the world, as he wreaks havoc and hilarity in equal measure across three uproarious adventures.

Titles in this Set:

Honk If You See It!
Oof! Right in the Puddings! 
The Maddest Cat in the World

In "Looshkin: Honk If You See It!", prepare to laugh until your sides ache as Looshkin unleashes his signature brand of chaos on unsuspecting bystanders. From absurd antics to outrageous escapades, this collection of comic strips is guaranteed to keep readers of all ages entertained from start to finish.

Next up, "Looshkin: Oof! Right in the Puddings!" takes readers on another uproarious romp through Looshkin's world of mayhem and mischief. From bizarre encounters to laugh-out-loud moments, this collection is packed with absurdity and absurdly fun adventures that will leave readers in stitches.

Finally, in "Looshkin: The Maddest Cat in the World," join Looshkin on his most outrageous escapades yet as he navigates through a series of hilarious misadventures. With his irreverent sense of humor and penchant for pandemonium, Looshkin proves once again why he's the maddest cat in the world.

With Jamie Smart's signature blend of zany humour, off-the-wall illustrations, and unforgettable characters, the LOOSHKIN Series 3 Books Collection Set is sure to delight fans of all ages. Whether you're a long time fan or discovering Looshkin for the first time, these books are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and leave you begging for more. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride with the maddest cat in the world!


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