Jeffery Deaver Collection 8 Books Set

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Hodder Publishing SKU: LWP4882
ISBN: 9787293108323
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Jeffery Deaver

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Mistress of Justice:
Taylor Lockwood spends her days working as a paralegal in one of New York's pre-eminent Wall Street law firms and her nights playing jazz piano anywhere she can.

Bloody River Blues:
Hollywood location scout John Pellam thought the scenic backwater town of Maddox, Missouri, would be the perfect site for an upcoming gangster film.

Shallow Graves:
John Pellam had been in the trenches of filmmaking, with a promising Hollywood career - until tragedy sidetracked him.

Manhattan Is My Beat:
Back in 1988, a young author emerged onto the crime scene with a fresh and inspiring New York crime series starring a young aspiring film-maker - Rune.

Death of a Blue Movie Star:
She calls herself Rune. She lives a downtown life and works running errands for a couple of documentary filmakers.

The October List:
Every crime scene begins at the end. To know what happened, you must work backwards, piecing together the events that came before.

Speaking In Tongues:
Words are the most dangerous weapons on earth - and Tate Collier has a consummate skill with them. He can talk his way into anyone's heart, get them to do whatever he wants.

Hell's Kitchen:
Every New York City neighbourhood has a story, but what John Pellam uncovers in Hell's Kitchen has a darkness all its own. The Hollywood location scout is hoping to capture the unvarnished memories of longtime Kitchen residents in a no-budget documentary film.

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