Jim Smith Super Weird Mystery Collection 3 Books Set (Attack of the Haunted Lunchbox, Danger at Donut Diner, My Pencil Case is a Time Machine)

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ISBN: 9789123542338
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Jim Smith

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Attack of the Haunted Lunchbox
Danger at Donut Diner
My Pencil Case is a Time Machine

Attack of the Haunted Lunchbox:

Melvin, Rhubarb and Yoshi are on the hunt for a new mystery to write about in the Daily Donut newspaper, but little do they know, it’s right under their nose . . . there’s something spooky in the sandwiches! Soon Rhubarb and co are sure there's a ghost in her dad's cool old retro lunchbox, but when no one believes them - and the whole town is in danger - it’s up to the detective duo to investigate the haunted lunchboxes all on their own . . .Things are about to get SUPER WEIRD . . . again!

Danger at Donut Diner:
When Melvin moves from the city to Donut (a perfectly round island with a hole in the middle), he thinks it's the most rubbish place ever. Then he meets Rhubarb. Rhubarb is OBSESSED with mysteries and has her own school newspaper to investigate the strange goings on in Donut. (Unfortunately nothing ever happens in Donut so she's never had anything to write about.). But then Melvin notices that the kids at school are acting very strangely. Could it be something to do with the Donut Hole Monsters that everyone is collecting?

My Pencil Case is a Time Machine:
Melvin, Rhubarb and Yoshi love solving super weird mysteries and writing about them in their newspaper, The Daily Donut. But lately nothing super weird has been happening, and all they've had to write about is super boring stuff, like Yoshi’s dad’s smelly eraser collection. Then Yoshi accidentally sniffs an eraser and travels through time . . .Things have just got SUPER WEIRD . . . again!

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