Jinny of Finmory 3 Books Collection Set by Patricia Leitch

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ISBN: 9787293108439
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Patricia Leitch

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Jinny Of Finmory - Running Wild 

A pony series with soul, these books feature wilful Jinny and her near-wild Arab mare Shantih and their life in the bleak but beautiful Scottish highlands. For how could anyone tell off a horse who jumped a five-barred gate because she was so pleased to see you; who was so beautiful she made your heart ache; whose eyes were deep dark pools of magic and whose muzzle softer than velvet? So much time has passed since Jinny found Shantih wandering the moors, but this has done nothing to calm the wild nature of the horse - or her teenage rider. The final story in the Jinny series finds them once again in rivalry with the awful, perfect Clare on a long-distance race, and in a far more troubling race against time when the Wilton museum faces destruction. Will Jinny and Shantih be able to save the mural of the dancing horses.


Jinny at Finmory - A Devil to Ride

Shantih bucked again; heels flung skywards, head and neck disappearing from in front of Jinny as she went soaring through the air, her long, straight, red-gold hair flying out behind her. Worried that someone will discover that Shantih is too wild for her to ride, Jinny is desperate for help. When star showjumper Clare Burnley comes to the moors, Jinny thinks her prayers have been answered. But Clare's help comes at a price - one that Jinny seems only too willing to pay.


Jinny at Finmory - For Love of a Horse 

Jinny saw the accident. From the top of the hill, she watched helplessly as the heavy oil truck swung around the curve in the road.

She heard the crunch of metal, and the screech of terrified horses as the truck slammed into the horse trailer.

Tears streaming down her cheeks, she raced down the hill. Her horse- the beautiful chestnut Arab that she dreamed of owning- was trapped inside the trailer!

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