Jo Nesbo 6 Books Collection Set (The Bat, Headhunters, Cockroaches, The Devil's Star, Phantom, Midnight Sun)

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Dive into the thrilling world of Nordic noir with the Jo Nesbo 6 Books Collection Set. This captivating collection showcases the masterful storytelling of Norwegian author Jo Nesbo, renowned for his gritty crime novels and complex characters.

Titles in this Set:

The Bat,
The Devil's Star
Midnight Sun


  1. "The Bat": This novel introduces readers to Detective Harry Hole as he travels to Australia to assist in solving a murder case. It delves into the dark and complex world of crime while exploring Harry's character.

  2. "Headhunters": This fast-paced thriller follows the story of Roger Brown, a corporate headhunter and art thief. Roger's life takes a dangerous turn when he targets the wrong mark, leading to a thrilling game of cat and mouse.

  3. "Cockroaches": In this book, Detective Harry Hole is sent to Thailand to investigate the murder of a Norwegian ambassador. The investigation uncovers political intrigue and takes Harry into a world of corruption and danger.

  4. "The Devil's Star": Harry Hole returns in this novel to investigate a series of gruesome murders in Oslo, Norway. The killer leaves a mysterious diamond-shaped symbol at each crime scene, leading Harry on a chilling hunt for a serial killer.

  5. "Phantom": This installment in the series sees Harry Hole struggling with addiction and personal demons. When his former lover is found murdered, he returns to solve the case and confront his own inner demons.

  6. "Midnight Sun": In this novel, readers are taken to the Arctic Circle, where a young woman's disappearance brings Harry Hole to the remote town of Kautokeino. As he unravels the mystery, he must face not only the brutal elements but also the dark secrets of the locals.

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