Johann Hari Collection 3 Books Set (Stolen Focus, Chasing the Scream, Lost Connections)

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Dive into the thought-provoking exploration of the human experience with the Johann Hari Collection, a curated set featuring three impactful books: "Stolen Focus," "Chasing the Scream," and "Lost Connections."

Titles in this Set 

Stolen Focus,
Chasing the Scream,
Lost Connections


In "Stolen Focus," Johann Hari delves into the evolving landscape of attention, shedding light on the modern challenges posed by our constantly connected world. Through insightful analysis and personal narratives, Hari examines the consequences of a society grappling with information overload and offers a compelling perspective on reclaiming our focus and rediscovering meaningful engagement.

"Chasing the Scream" takes readers on a profound journey through the war on drugs, unraveling its origins and consequences. Hari's meticulous research and compassionate storytelling challenge conventional beliefs about addiction, presenting a nuanced exploration of the lives impacted by drug policies and offering alternative approaches to understanding and addressing addiction.

"Lost Connections" delves into the intricate web of mental health, unraveling the societal factors that contribute to the rise of depression and anxiety. Hari's empathetic investigation goes beyond the traditional medical model, illuminating the role of disconnection from meaningful work, community, and nature in the modern epidemic of mental distress. This book offers a hopeful exploration of reconnection as a path to healing.

The Johann Hari Collection embodies a blend of investigative journalism, personal narratives, and thought-provoking insights. Through these three books, readers are invited to question established norms, reevaluate societal constructs, and reconsider the way we approach focus, addiction, and mental well-being. Whether you're seeking fresh perspectives on pressing issues or a deeper understanding of the human condition, this collection offers a compelling and enlightening literary journey.

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