Joya Goffney 3 Books Collection Set (My Week With Him, Confessions of an Alleged Good Girl, Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry) Paperback

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Embark on a compelling journey of love, self-discovery, and personal growth with the Joya Goffney 3 Books Collection Set. This captivating collection showcases Goffney's talent for crafting authentic and emotionally resonant stories that will capture your heart and keep you turning pages late into the night.

Titles in this Set

My Week With Him,
Confessions of an Alleged Good Girl
Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry


In "My Week With Him," readers are drawn into a poignant tale of unexpected romance and second chances. As two strangers navigate the complexities of love and loss over the course of a transformative week, they discover that sometimes the most meaningful connections are found in the most unlikely of places.

"Confessions of an Alleged Good Girl" offers a gripping exploration of identity, friendship, and the quest for belonging. Through the eyes of a young woman grappling with the pressures of conformity and the desire to break free from societal expectations, Goffney delivers a powerful and thought-provoking narrative that challenges readers to embrace their true selves.

Finally, "Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry" invites readers into the world of Quinn, a high school senior who discovers a secret journal full of confessions from her classmates. As Quinn navigates the ups and downs of adolescence while dealing with her own struggles, she learns valuable lessons about love, friendship, and the importance of embracing vulnerability.

With the Joya Goffney 3 Books Collection Set, readers will be swept away by Goffney's rich storytelling, memorable characters, and heartfelt exploration of the human experience. Whether you're seeking a heartwarming romance, a compelling coming-of-age story, or a thought-provoking tale of self-discovery, this collection has something for everyone.

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