Kate Daniels Series Mari Hannah 3 Books Set Collection Deadly Deceit,Settled

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Macmillan SKU: LWP4179
ISBN: 9789123666935
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Kate Daniels

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Titles in this set:
Settled Blood
Deadly Deceit
Killing for Keeps

Settled Blood
When a young girl is found dead at the base of Hadrian’s Wall, it’s not long before Detective Chief Inspector Kate Daniels realizes her death was no ordinary homicide. She was thrown from a great height and was probably alive before she hit the ground.

Deadly Deceit
Four a.m on a wet stretch of the A1 and a driver skids out of control. Quick on the scene, Senior Investigating Officer Kate Daniels and partner DS Hank Gormley are presented with a horrifying image of carnage and mayhem that quickly becomes one of the worst road traffic accidents in Northumberland’s history.

Killing for Keeps
Two brothers from the same criminal family die within hours of each other, five miles apart, one on the edge of a Newcastle industrial estate, the other in a busy A&E department of a local hospital, unseen by the triage team. Both victims have suffered horrific injuries.

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