Kate Ellis Collection 5 Books Set (A Painted Doom, The Marriage Hearse, The Blood Pit, The Funeral Boat, An Unhallowed Grave)

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ISBN: 9787293107456
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Kate Ellis

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Titles In this Set:
A Painted Doom
The Marriage Hearse
The Blood Pit
The Funeral Boat
An Unhallowed Grave:

A Painted Doom:
Teenager Lewis Hoxworthy discovers a disturbing painting in a medieval barn; a discovery which excites archaeologist Neil Watson who is excavating an ancient manor house nearby. But when former rock star Jonny Shellmer is found shot through the head in Lewis's father's field and Lewis himself goes missing after contacting a man on the internet.

The Marriage Hearse:
When Kirsten Harbourn is found strangled and naked on her wedding day, DI Wesley Peterson makes some alarming discoveries. Kirsten was being pursued by an obsessed stalker and she had dark secrets her doting fianc, Peter, knew nothing about. But Kirsten's wasn't the only wedding planned to take place that July day in South Devon.

The Blood Pit:
DI Wesley Peterson has never witnessed such a bizarre crime scene. A man has been brutally murdered by two precise wounds to his neck and his body drained of blood.It seems that the victim was not a popular man in the Devon area and Wesley doesn't have a shortage of suspects.

The Funeral Boat:
When a skeleton is discovered on a Devon smallholding, DS Wesley Peterson, a keen amateur archaeologist, is intrigued by the possibility that it is a Viking corpse, buried in keeping with ancient traditions. But he has a rather more urgent crime to solve- the disappearance of a Danish tourist.

An Unhallowed Grave:
When the body of Pauline Brent is found hanging from a yew tree in a local graveyard, DS Wesley Peterson immediately suspects foul play. Then history provides him with a clue. Wesley's archaeologist friend, Neil Watson, has excavated a corpse at his nearby dig.

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