Kate Maryon 5 Book Set Collection A Million Angels, Shine, A Sea of Stars

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HarperCollins SKU: LWP3728
ISBN: 9787293103007
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Kate Maryon

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Titles in this set:
A Millions Angles
A Sea of Stars
Invisible Girl


A Millions Angles
The sparkling new novel from the author of SHINE and GLITTER.We talk about everything, Dad and me. About all the mysteries inside of us. About all our wonderings of the world.But tomorrow my dad goes to war. Then what will I do? Jemima's dads in the Army and hes off to Afghanistan again for six whole months.Her mums about to have another baby and hasn't got the energy to worry about anything else.

A stunning new cover look for the second novel from Kate Maryon - the sensational new voice of tween girl fiction. Liberty's family is super-rich but when her dad loses his job, she has to learn that not all that glitters is gold Liberty Parfitt is sure theres more to life than getting good exam results and earning lots of money. Unfortunately her super-rich, workaholic dad doesn't agree - he thinks Liberty's passion for music is a total waste of time.

A wonderful novel from a major new voice in tween girl fiction, with a stunning new cover look. Tiff's mum is a thief and she's about to get caught Twelve-year-old Tiff loves her mum, Carla, who is glitzy and fun and always coming home with shiny new amazing stuff. The trouble is, Tiff's mum doesn't buy things, she takes them. The fact is, Tiff's mum is a thief. When Carla gets caught, Tiffs shiny life is ruined.

A Sea of Stars
Two girls with two very different lives come together in this beautiful and moving story of friendship and family, by a major new voice in girls fiction. Meet Maya. She has a cosy, comfy life with her slightly hippy mum and dad by the sea in Cornwall. But as an only child, Maya feels smothered by her parents love and longs to be a given more freedom and independence; but what Maya wants more than anything is a sister. Meet Cat.

Invisible Girl
Gabriella Midwinter used to have a home. She wasn't invisible back then For fans of Cathy Cassidy and Jacqueline Wilson, a stunning new novel from the author of SHINE, GLITTER, SEA OF STARS and A MILLION ANGELS. Whats strange is that the day it actually happened, everything seemed so normal. Caught between arguing parents and moving house, twelve-year-old Gabriella somehow slips through the cracks. Now shes more alone than ever before. The city streets are no place for young girls but they're all shes got. Unless she can find her brother Beckett. Unless she can find her home.

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