Kate Rhodes Ben Kitto Series Collection 5 Books Set (Hell Bay, Ruin Beach, Burnt Island, Pulpit Rock, Devil's Table)

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The "Kate Rhodes Ben Kitto Series Collection 5 Books Set" offers readers a gripping journey into the atmospheric and suspenseful world of Detective Ben Kitto, set against the backdrop of the rugged and isolated Scilly Isles.

Titles in this Set:

Hell Bay,
Ruin Beach,
Burnt Island,
Pulpit Rock,
Devil's Table


In "Hell Bay," readers are introduced to Ben Kitto, a dedicated detective who returns to his hometown of Bryher in the Scilly Isles to escape his troubled past. However, his hopes for a peaceful life are shattered when a series of murders rocks the close-knit community, and Ben is thrust into a complex investigation that will test his skills and resilience.

As the series continues with "Ruin Beach," "Burnt Island," "Pulpit Rock," and "Devil's Table," Ben Kitto finds himself entangled in a web of mysteries and crimes that unfold against the stunning yet treacherous island landscape. Each book presents a new case, filled with secrets, motives, and twists that keep readers eagerly turning the pages.

Kate Rhodes' writing is atmospheric and evocative, creating a sense of isolation and intrigue that mirrors the unique setting of the Scilly Isles. Ben Kitto is a compelling and relatable protagonist, and his personal journey as he confronts both his past and the challenges of island life adds depth to the series.

The "Kate Rhodes Ben Kitto Series Collection" is a captivating exploration of crime, community, and the indomitable spirit of a detective determined to uncover the truth. With its compelling mysteries and vividly drawn characters, this collection is a must-read for fans of atmospheric crime fiction.


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