Katerina Diamond Collection 8 Books Set (The Teacher, The Secret, The Angel, The Promise, Truth or Die, Woman in the Water, The Heatwave, Trick or Treat)

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The Katerina Diamond Collection features eight gripping novels, each delivering suspense, psychological depth, and intricate mysteries. Here's an overview of the books in this compelling set:

Titles in this Set:

The Teacher
The Secret
The Angel
The Promise
Truth or Die
Woman in the Water
The Heatwave
Trick or Treat


  1. The Teacher: Detective Adrian Miles and psychologist Imogen Grey join forces to investigate a series of gruesome murders. As they delve into the case, they uncover a dark trail of secrets connecting the victims.

  2. The Secret: Imogen Grey returns to the forefront, investigating a murder case intertwined with personal secrets. The discovery of a woman's body leads her to unravel a complex web of lies and deception.

  3. The Angel: Imogen Grey and Adrian Miles face a sadistic killer when a young woman is murdered. The investigation takes them on a chilling journey into the mind of a tormentor who seems to revel in the suffering of others.

  4. The Promise: Imogen Grey and Adrian Miles confront a case involving a murder with ties to a decades-old promise. As they navigate the complexities of revenge and redemption, the past collides with the present.

  5. Truth or Die: A deadly game of "Truth or Dare" unfolds when a group of friends receives an anonymous invitation. Imogen Grey races against time to uncover the truth behind a series of horrifying events before it's too late.

  6. Woman in the Water: Imogen Grey is back, investigating the mysterious death of a woman found in a reservoir. As she digs deeper, she becomes entangled in a complex case involving betrayal and revenge.

  7. The Heatwave: Set during a scorching summer, this psychological thriller follows a family with a dark past. Buried secrets resurface as the heat intensifies, leading to a boiling point of tension and suspense.

  8. Trick or Treat: In this Halloween-themed installment, Detective Imogen Grey faces a series of murders with a sinister connection to her own past. As she confronts personal demons, she must unravel the twisted motives behind the killings.

Katerina Diamond masterfully crafts each novel with suspenseful plots, well-developed characters, and psychological twists, creating a collection that offers an immersive and thrilling reading experience. The interconnected mysteries and evolving characters make this set a must-read for fans of crime and psychological thrillers.


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