Knightmare Collection 5 Books Set by Peter Bently Damsel Disaster, Feast Fight...

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AUTHOR: Peter Bently

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Peter Bently Knightmare Collection 5 Books Set

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Titles in This Set
Damsel Disaster!
Feast Fight!
Lift Stinks!
Rotten Luck!
Foul Play!


I thought working for a knight would be the most awesome thing EVER.
But it's a total KNIGHTMARE!

Damsel Disaster!
A MEGA-RICH princess is searching for a husband and Sir Percy thinks he's the knight for the job. So we're off to Noman Castle where there's going to be a test of BRAVERY. As usual, my master seems to have a SNEAKY plan up his sleeve. Ever seen a knight in a dress? Just as long as I don't have to wear one, too... Uh-oh!

Feast Fight!
There's going to be a BANQUET at Castle Bombast. But it's not just any old banquet. The king and queen will be attending, and they expect the very best - or else! Which means more work for ME. And I dread to think what Sir Percy's ARCH ENEMY, Roland the Rotten, will do when he finds out he's not invited.

Lift Stinks!
Roland the Rotten has challenged my master, Sir Percy the Proud, to a JOUST. But Sir Percy doesn't want to fight - not even with his LUCKY UNDERPANTS on. So guess who's got to get him out of it? That's right. ME. (Hopefully with a bit of help from my friend, Patchcoat the Jester.)

Rotten Luck!
The Sheriff of Fleecingham is desperate to capture a famous OUTLAW known as the Ghost, and Sir Percy has accidentally volunteered US for the job. But Grimwood is dark and CREEPY. And I've heard there are more than just robbers lurking in the fearsome forest. Yikes! I'm not looking forward to this mission one bit..

Foul Play!
Sir Percy has been boasting again, and now he has to WIN the football tournament at the May Fair or he'll lose Castle Bombast! Problem is, we haven't even got a TEAM. Of course, it's up to ME to find some players. But the only volunteers I can get have never kicked a BALL in their lives... Eek!

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