Learn with Peppa Pig English Phonics Level 1 & 2 Collection 20 Book Set

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FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Peppa Pig

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"Embark on an exciting journey of literacy with the 'Learn with Peppa Pig English Phonics Level 1 & 2 Collection 20 Book Set'. Dive into the delightful world of Peppa Pig and her friends as they guide young readers through the fundamentals of English phonics.

Designed to make learning engaging and enjoyable, this comprehensive set features 20 vibrant books carefully crafted to introduce children to essential phonics concepts. From letter recognition to sound blending, each book offers a progressive learning experience that builds confidence and fluency in reading.

Join Peppa, George, and their pals as they explore a variety of fun-filled adventures while reinforcing key phonics skills. With charming illustrations and relatable stories, these books capture children's imagination and encourage them to become enthusiastic readers.

Perfect for early learners and budding readers, the 'Learn with Peppa Pig English Phonics Level 1 & 2 Collection' provides a solid foundation for literacy development while sparking a love for reading that will last a lifetime. Let Peppa Pig be your child's playful companion on the exciting journey to phonics mastery!"

Titles in this Set

Level 1

  1. Tip, Tip! And Sit, Sip!
  2. Sand and Tip a Pan
  3. Got It! and Pips in a Pack
  4. Get Up! and In the Bin
  5. Fog! Fog and Pals in the Den
  6. The Jet and It is Me!
  7. Not Well and Fil It Up!
  8. The Ship and Get Fit
  9. Fish Tanks and The Van
  10. Bing Bong Song and Off to the Shop

Level 2 

  1. On the Boat and Lots of Jobs!
  2. Dear Peppa and Too Dark!
  3. The Queen and Fix This Mess!
  4. Up! Down! and Park Town
  5. To the Moon! and Peeking in Rock Pools
  6. Rubbish in the Attic
  7. We Are Shopkeepers
  8. Ten Tickets
  9. Fun at the Pool
  10. Eggs!


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