Applewell Village Series 3 Books Collection Set (Waste Not, Want Not in Applewell, Make Do and Mend in Applewell & A Stitch in Time in Applewell)

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ISBN: 9787293108309
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Lilac Mills

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This 3-book collection set includes "Waste Not, Want Not in Applewell", "Make Do and Mend in Applewell" and "A Stitch in Time in Applewell". Enjoy three delightful stories that combine small town charm and thriftiness to teach readers the value of family, friends, and kindness.

Titles in this Set:

Waste Not, Want Not in Applewell,
Make Do and Mend in Applewell
A Stitch in Time in Applewell


Waste Not, Want Not in Applewell
George can't throw anything away. But he's in danger of throwing away this opportunity to be loved...

George Nightingale is a hoarder with a house full of junk. For years he's kept it a secret, rarely leaving his house and keeping social interactions to a minimum, but his carefully balanced system is now under threat...

Nessa Millbrook can't wait to get settled into her new home in quaint, rural Applewell. Everyone in the village is so friendly - except her neighbour, George, who wants nothing to do with her. But Nessa isn't one to back down from a challenge and she's determined to win George over.

Make Do and Mend in Applewell
Can their marriage be mended in time for Christmas?

Lottie has always been thrifty. As a mother of three, it's even more important that she stretches the household budget as far as possible. Luckily, Lottie's penchant for taking broken items and upcycling them has worked wonders for living on a shoestring.

Henry can't face telling Lottie he's been made redundant. Instead, he pretends to go to work as usual while frantically job hunting. The race is on to find another role before Lottie discovers he's another useless item for her collection - one that is beyond repair.

A Stitch in Time in Applewell
It's not just hems that are frayed in Applewell...

Gracie rescues old clothes and cast offs from Applewell's charity shop, making them into cute and fresh outfits, which she then sells in her little shop. Turning a profit is hard at the best of times, let alone when new arrival Lucas appears...

After running away from the village in his teens, Lucas has finally returned to an uncomfortable amount of fanfare and gossip. His job requires him to streamline homeless charity, UnderCover, and his plans to do so risk putting Gracie out of business.


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