Lindsay Galvin 3 Books Collection Set (Darwin's Dragons, My Friend the Octopus, Call of the Titanic)

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Lindsay Galvin's 3 Books Collection Set weaves tales of adventure, friendship, and discovery, capturing the hearts of readers young and old. Whether exploring uncharted territories with Charles Darwin, forming an extraordinary bond with an octopus, or experiencing the tragic events aboard the Titanic, readers are taken on captivating journeys that blend history, fantasy, and the timeless power of human connection. These beautifully written and imaginative stories are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who delves into their pages.

Titles in this Set:

Darwin's Dragons,
My Friend the Octopus
Call of the Titanic


  1. Darwin's Dragons: In "Darwin's Dragons," we embark on a thrilling adventure with Syms Covington, the young cabin boy aboard the HMS Beagle, the ship that carries the famous naturalist Charles Darwin on his voyage to the Galápagos Islands. As they explore the enchanting and mysterious islands, they encounter astonishing creatures and wondrous landscapes. But amidst the beauty lies danger, for the islands are home to dragons - ancient, powerful, and guarding secrets that could change the course of history. Syms and Darwin must navigate the treacherous waters of the natural world and face their deepest fears to unravel the mysteries of the islands and survive the perilous journey.

  2. My Friend the Octopus: In "My Friend the Octopus," we meet eleven-year-old Elsie, who lives with her fisherman father on the coast of Cornwall, England. One day, she discovers an extraordinary secret - a small octopus hiding in her grandmother's vase. This isn't just any octopus; it's an intelligent, shape-shifting creature named Finn. As Elsie befriends Finn, they form an unbreakable bond, sharing laughter, sadness, and even magical underwater adventures. But keeping Finn's existence a secret becomes increasingly challenging, and soon Elsie finds herself caught in a web of mysteries that lead her to question the true nature of her friend and the world beneath the waves.

  3. Call of the Titanic: "Call of the Titanic" takes us on an unforgettable journey to the past, where we meet Sophie, a teenager mourning the loss of her parents in a tragic accident. While staying with her eccentric uncle in Paris, she discovers an ancient, broken pocket watch that miraculously transports her back to the year 1912, aboard the RMS Titanic. Stranded in the past, Sophie must navigate the opulent yet doomed vessel, facing challenges and forging unexpected friendships. As the fateful night approaches, Sophie becomes desperate to change history and save the lives of those onboard. But meddling with the past comes with consequences, and she must make heart-wrenching decisions that could alter the course of time forever.

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