Little People Big Dreams 5 Books Set ( David Bowie, David Attenborough, Martin Luther, Mahatma Gandhi, Stephen Hawking)

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ISBN: 9789124295998
FORMAT: Board Book
AUTHOR: Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

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Little People, Big Dreams" presents a captivating set of five books, each celebrating the extraordinary lives of iconic figures. Dive into the inspirational journeys of David Bowie, David Attenborough, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and Stephen Hawking, as these beautifully illustrated volumes introduce young readers to the remarkable stories of these trailblazers who left an indelible mark on the world. Discover the dreams, courage, and accomplishments that shaped the legacies of these extraordinary individuals.

Titles in This set:
David Bowie
David Attenborough
Martin Luther
Mahatma Gandhi
Stephen Hawking


David Bowie:
As a child, young David lived with his family in a tiny house on an ordinary street, but he had a head full of songs and ideas. At school he was loved music and dance, and he was inspired by his brother's rock and jazz records to pick up the saxophone and start writing his own songs.

David Attenborough:
Little David grew up in Leicester on the campus of a university, where his father was a professor. As a child, he spent hours in the science library, collating his own specimens and creating a mini animal museum.

Martin Luther King Jr:
Little Martin grew up in a family of preachers: his dad was a preacher, his uncle was a preacher, his grandfather was a preacher… so maybe he’d become a great preacher too. One day, a friend invited him to play at his house.

Mahatma Gandhi:
As a young teenager in India, Gandhi led a rebellious life and went against his parents' values. But as a young man, he started to form beliefs of his own that harked back to the Hindu principles of his childhood.

Stephen Hawking:
When Stephen Hawking was a little boy, he used to stare up at the stars and wonder about the universe. Although he was never top of the class, his curiosity took him to the best universities in England: Oxford and Cambridge.

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