Lyn Gardner Olivia Series 7 Books Collection Set (Olivia's Winter Wonderland)

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ISBN: 9780857630261
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Lyn Gardner

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Lyn Gardner Olivia Series 7 Books Collection Set

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Titles in this set:

Olivia's Enchanted Summer (Olivia Series)
Olivia and the Movie Stars (Olivia Series)
Olivia's Winter Wonderland (Olivia Series)
Olivia and the Great Escape (Olivia Series)
Olivia Flies High (Olivia Series)
Olivia's Curtain Call (Olivia Series)
Olivia's First Term


Olivia's Enchanted Summer
School's out for summer! Olivia and her friends are going to be spending August in Edinburgh, home to the world-famous Fringe Festival. They can't wait to get there, to stay in the beautiful city and soak up the Festival atmosphere, while the Swan Circus performs every day to wild applause and rapturous reviews.

Olivia and the Movie Stars
The Swan Academy is under threat from closure due to a building development next door. Into this tense atmosphere come Cosmo and Cosima, the famous singing/acting twins from Hollywood. They are starring in Peter Pan and are learning to fly!

Olivia's Winter Wonderland
It's winter at the Swan Academy, and that means panto! While Olivia practises being the back end of a horse, everyone else is auditioning for a major new movie.

Olivia and the Great Escape
Jack Marvell's latest stunt is to stay up on a high-wire for thirty days and nights.
Olivia is worried for her father, but very proud of him. But then the rumours start, claiming that Jack's cheating.

Olivia Flies High
Olivia has been invited to New York to perform her innovative Shakespeare on the highwire! She's thrilled and can't wait to tell her friends.

Olivia's Curtain Call
Olivia and her friends are auditioning for a production of Romeo and Juliet in the West End. It makes Olivia realise just how much she wants to be an actress, like her mum was.

Olivia's First Term
Olivia is sad and lonely and angry - angry that she's been dumped with her sister eel at her grandmother's school, and angrier still that that school turns out to be a stage school where there's no encouragement for her to do what she loves best: practice her circus skills. But in the course of a turbulent first term, Olivia finds out much more than she bargained for about the theatre, about friendship, about enemies, about her family and about herself.

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