Lynette Rees Collection 3 Books Set (The Work House Waif, The cobblers wife, A Daughter's Promise)

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ISBN: 9787293107999
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Lynette Rees

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Titles included:

The Workhouse Waif

A Daughters Promise 

The Cobbler's Wife  

The Workhouse Waif:
After the death of her father in a mining accident, Megan and her family had no choice but to move to the local workhouse. Separated from her mother and five siblings, young Megan must learn how to stand on her own two feet. But one day she meets a young boy who's stealing apples from the local market and together, they set out on a path to find a better life for themselves...

A Daughter's Promise:
Eighteen-year-old seamstress Kathryn Flynn lives in Whitechapel, London, struggling to support her widowed mother and younger siblings. But when her work starts drying up and her mother falls ill, she is forced to consider desperate measures . . .Then she meets 'Squire', an older city gentleman, who falls instantly in love with her and offers to take her under his wing. 'Squire' could give Kathryn the life she's always wanted . . .

The Cobbler's Wife 

Seren James longs for a child, to fill the emptiness left by a husband who has little care for her. But as the years go by, Seren begins to fear that she is almost out of time to have the one thing she wants most.

But when Seren meets Anwen, a local woman who offers help, there is a problem: Anwen is suspected by the locals of witchcraft. Is the cost of association too high for Seren to pay, or can her problems be solved another way?

Finding herself growing closer to the handsome local minister, Seren must ask how far she is willing to go for her own happiness...


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