Maggie Mason Collection 2 Books Set (The Fortune Tellers & The Fortune Tellers' Secret)

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"The Fortune Tellers" and "The Fortune Tellers' Secret" are enchanting novels by Lloyd Alexander that whisk readers away to the mysterious world of ancient China. In these captivating tales, readers follow the adventures of young Wen, a humble orphan who possesses a remarkable talent for storytelling.

Titles in this Set:

The Fortune Tellers
The Fortune Tellers' Secret


The Fortune Tellers:
BLACKPOOL, 1918.Martha is seventeen and alone in the world. Of Irish decent, her flashing green eyes see into your soul. Foretelling the future is a gift passed down by her late grandmother and is how she earns her living on Blackpool Promenade. Though she spends hours in a little tent, waiting and hoping for a customer.Tricia is Martha's neighbour and quickly becomes her dearest friend, but she is pregnant and married to a brutal man. And when tragedy strikes, she finds herself alone, her future uncertain.Together, on one of the poorest streets in Blackpool, the girls face poverty, as is their lot, but they're determined to help each other any way they can, and they never stop dreaming of a brighter future.

The Fortune Tellers' Secret:
BLACKPOOL, 1922.Martha and Trisha may have escaped poverty, but their fortunes have yet to turn. Blissfully happy on her wedding day, Trisha's new fairy-tale romance soon darkens as her husband, Walter, keeps her at arms length. Between his secrecy, and her mother-in-law's coldness , Trisha feels a stranger in her own home, and lonelier than ever...Meanwhile a spectre from Martha's past threatens the happiness she has found with Joshua and Bonnie. When she is called to help in her past love's hour of need, she must decide whether to risk exposing a secret that could cost her the trust of her daughter...

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