Magic Tree House Series Collection 4 Books Box Set (Books 17-20)

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ISBN: 9780375858116
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Mary Pope Osborne

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The Magic Tree House Series Collection 4 Books Box Set (Books 17-20) comprises the seventeenth to twentieth books in the beloved children's book series by Mary Pope Osborne. These enchanting stories continue to captivate young readers with thrilling adventures that span across time and space, blending fantasy, history, and educational elements.

Titles in this Set 
Tonight on the Titanic
Buffalo Before Breakfast
Tigers at Twilight
Dingoes at Dinnertime


"Tonight on the Titanic" - Jack and Annie are transported to the ill-fated Titanic on its maiden voyage. Amidst the grandeur of the ship, they must uncover a mystery and save themselves from the disaster that awaits.

"Buffalo Before Breakfast" - Jack and Annie find themselves on the American prairie in the 1800s. They encounter buffalo, Native American tribes, and witness the construction of the transcontinental railroad as they search for a special gift.

"Tigers at Twilight" - This time, Jack and Annie journey to the dense jungles of India. They must find a secret, magical city and save its tiger inhabitants from danger while learning about the rich culture and wildlife of the region.

"Dingoes at Dinnertime" - Jack and Annie travel to the rugged Australian Outback. They embark on a quest to find the third secret of happiness, encountering native animals, Aboriginal traditions, and the unique challenges of the desert.

The Magic Tree House Series Collection 4 Books Box Set (Books 17-20) offers young readers a delightful blend of adventure, history, and imagination. Each book takes them on a different journey, providing exciting stories while educating them about various time periods and cultures. Join Jack and Annie as they explore these wondrous worlds through the pages of this captivating box set.

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