Magic Water Colouring Activity Collection 3 Book Set By Jenny Copper( Wheel & Steel Machines, Farm, Dinosaurs)

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Embark on an exhilarating artistic adventure with the Magic Water Colouring Activity Collection 3 Book Set by Jenny Copper. This captivating set features three thrilling themes: Wheel & Steel Machines, Farm, and Dinosaurs, each designed to ignite the imagination of budding artists.

Titles in this Set:

Wheel & Steel Machines


Gear up for high-octane excitement as you delve into the world of Wheel & Steel Machines. From roaring race cars to powerful construction vehicles, this book is packed with dynamic illustrations that capture the thrill of the road and the energy of the construction site. With every brushstroke, vibrant colors burst to life, transforming static pages into bustling scenes of action and adventure.

Next, journey to the tranquil countryside with the Farm edition. Encounter friendly farm animals, bustling barnyards, and sprawling fields ripe for harvest. As you add water to the magic pages, watch as charming farm scenes come to life in a burst of colour, inviting you to explore the rustic beauty of rural life.

Then, venture back in time to the age of the Dinosaurs with the third book in the set. Roam ancient landscapes populated by majestic dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes. From towering T-Rexes to graceful pterodactyls, this book is a thrilling journey through prehistoric times. With each brushstroke, watch as these long-extinct creatures spring to life, ready to ignite the imagination of young palaeontologists.

With its innovative magic watercolour pages, the Magic Water Colouring Activity Collection 3 Book Set offers a unique and interactive way for children to unleash their creativity. Whether at home or on the go, this set promises hours of imaginative fun, making it the perfect companion for young artists eager to explore new worlds and bring their imagination to life.

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