Magpie Murders: the Sunday Times bestseller crime thriller with a fiendish twist By Anthony Horowitz

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"Magpie Murders" is a crime thriller novel written by Anthony Horowitz. The book, known for its intricate plot and clever narrative structure, is a homage to classic whodunit mysteries. Published in 2016, it quickly gained popularity and became a Sunday Times bestseller.

The story within a story concept is a notable feature of "Magpie Murders." The novel opens with the manuscript of a mystery novel also titled "Magpie Murders" written by fictional author Alan Conway. The manuscript is submitted to a London editor named Susan Ryeland. As Ryeland begins to read the manuscript, she becomes engrossed in the mystery, which takes place in a quintessentially English village.

The novel within the novel is a classic murder mystery featuring a detective named Atticus Pünd. As Ryeland delves into the manuscript, she discovers that the mystery in Conway's book is not confined to the pages—it spills into the real world. The book takes unexpected turns, and as the layers of mystery unfold, Ryeland finds herself investigating a real-life murder connected to the manuscript.

"Magpie Murders" is celebrated for its clever plot twists, engaging characters, and the way it pays homage to the golden age of detective fiction. Anthony Horowitz seamlessly weaves together two distinct mysteries, creating a compelling and intellectually satisfying read for fans of classic and modern crime fiction alike.

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