Map by Map Series 3 Books Collection Set By Peter Snow (Battles Map By Map, History of the World Map By Map, World War II Map By Map

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The "Map by Map" series by DK (Dorling Kindersley) is a collection of three books that use maps as a central tool to explore and explain historical events and developments. Here's a summary of each book in the series:

Titles in this Set:

Battles Map By Map,
History of the World Map By Map,
World War II Map By Map 


  1. Map by Map: Battles: This book takes readers on a visual journey through significant historical battles using detailed maps. From ancient conflicts to modern warfare, the book illustrates the strategies, key moments, and outcomes of pivotal battles. Readers can gain insights into the evolution of military tactics and the impact of these battles on the course of history.

  2. Map by Map: History of the World: In this volume, the "Map by Map" series provides a comprehensive overview of world history by presenting a series of maps that highlight key events and developments. From the earliest civilizations to contemporary times, the book covers a wide range of topics, allowing readers to visually trace the rise and fall of empires, cultural exchanges, and major turning points in human history.

  3. Map by Map: World War II: Focusing specifically on one of the most significant periods in the 20th century, this book uses maps to tell the story of World War II. It covers the major theaters of the war, key battles, and the geopolitical changes that occurred. The visual presentation allows readers to understand the complex and global nature of the conflict.

The "Map by Map" series by DK is designed to appeal to readers interested in history, geography, and visual learning. The use of maps as a primary storytelling tool provides a unique perspective, allowing readers to connect spatially with historical events. Whether exploring the intricacies of specific battles, the broad scope of world history, or the details of World War II, the series aims to make complex historical narratives accessible and engaging through its visual approach.

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