Marshmallow Pie the Cat Superstar Series 4 Books Collection Set By Clara Vulliamy (Marshmallow Pie The Cat Superstar, On TV, in Hollywood, On Stage)

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HarperCollins SKU: LWP11326
ISBN: 9789124218171
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Clara Vulliamy

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Titles In This Set:
Marshmallow Pie The Cat Superstar
Marshmallow Pie The Cat Superstar On TV
Marshmallow Pie The Cat Superstar in Hollywood
Marshmallow Pie The Cat Superstar On Stage

Marshmallow Pie The Cat Superstar:

Marshmallow Marmaduke Vanilla-Bean Sugar-Pie Fluffington-Fitz-Noodle is a big, fluffy (and grumpy) cat. He LOVES the easy life: lazing in the sunshine, eating Shrimp Crunchies and annoying Buster, the dog downstairs.

Marshmallow Pie The Cat Superstar On TV:
With the help of his owner, Amelia, Pie is well on his way to stardom. He’s got himself a role ON TV! But then he hears that he’ll be joined in the spotlight – by Gingernut, the cheeky kitten… Can Pie learn how to share, or will his biggest opportunity yet come tumbling down?

Marshmallow Pie The Cat Superstar in Hollywood:
Pie is loving his trip – the glamourous people, the luxurious hotel, not to mention the tasty snacks! But most of all, he is dazzled by his new friend Madison: a charming, famous young girl not much older than his owner, Amelia. Madison is desperate to spend time with Pie and show him around town. So why doesn’t Amelia seem so sure about her?

Marshmallow Pie The Cat Superstar On Stage:
After his success on the silver screen, Marshmallow Pie – a big, fluffy cat with an even bigger personality – has an exciting opportunity to act on stage in a grand theatre. It will be his first time in front of a live audience! The bad news is, he has to share the stage with his unbearable neighbour and arch-enemy, Buster the dog.

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