Max and Kevin A Roly-Poly Flying Pony Adventure 4 Books Collection Set By Philip Reeve(The Legend of Kevin, Kevin and the Biscuit Bandit,Kevin vs the Unicorns & Kevin's Great Escape)

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Dive into a captivating world of whimsy, courage, and friendship with the "Max and Kevin: A Roly-Poly Flying Pony Adventure 4 Books Collection Set" by acclaimed author Philip Reeve. This enchanting collection follows the extraordinary journey of Max and Kevin, a dynamic duo comprising a curious young boy and an adorable roly-poly flying pony. Across four thrilling tales, readers of all ages will be swept away by the magical escapades that await:

Titles in this Set;

The Legend of Kevin
Kevin and the Biscuit Bandit:
Kevin vs the Unicorns
Kevin's Great Escape


  1. The Legend of Kevin: Embark on an unforgettable adventure as Max encounters Kevin, an unlikely flying pony with a heart of gold. Their friendship takes them to new heights, soaring over the town of Bumbleford. Together, they discover the importance of teamwork, bravery, and embracing one's uniqueness.

  2. Kevin and the Biscuit Bandit: Join Max and Kevin in a whimsical caper as they find themselves in the midst of a hilarious biscuit heist. When the town's precious biscuits go missing, the dynamic duo springs into action to uncover the mischievous culprits. This tale is brimming with humor, suspense, and lessons about solving problems through creativity and resourcefulness.

  3. Kevin vs the Unicorns: In this thrilling installment, Max and Kevin stumble upon a unicorn problem of mythic proportions. As unicorns wreak havoc upon Bumbleford, the duo must find a way to restore harmony. Through their determination, they demonstrate the power of friendship and empathy in overcoming challenges.

  4. Kevin's Great Escape: Prepare for an epic escapade as Max and Kevin embark on a daring journey to rescue Kevin's family from captivity. This exciting adventure takes them to new and uncharted territories, testing their bonds and showcasing the resilience of true friends. Themes of loyalty, bravery, and the importance of standing up for what is right come to the forefront.

The "Max and Kevin: A Roly-Poly Flying Pony Adventure 4 Books Collection Set" is a treasure trove of heartwarming tales that celebrate friendship, bravery, and imagination. Through the pages of these captivating stories, Philip Reeve invites readers to believe in the extraordinary and reminds us all that the power of friendship can triumph over any challenge. Perfect for young readers and anyone who delights in the magic of fantastical journeys.

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