Mermaid School Series 6 Books Collection Box Set By Courtenay & Dempsey (Mermaid School, The Clamshell Show, Ready, Steady, Swim!, All Aboard! , Save Our Seas! & Spooky Shipwrec)

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Dive into enchantment with the Mermaid School Series 6 Books Collection! Join Marina's aquatic adventures as she navigates friendships, mysteries, and sea magic. From daring deep-sea quests to shimmering undersea balls, this collection is a gateway to a world of underwater wonder and friendship.

Mermaid School
Mermaid School: The Clamshell Show
Mermaid School: Ready, Steady, Swim!
Mermaid School: All Aboard!
Mermaid School: Save Our Seas!
Mermaid School: The Spooky Shipwreck

Mermaid School:

It is Marnie Blue's very first day at Lady Sealia Foam’s Mermaid School, and she's terrified. What if she can't make any new friends, or if she's asked to ride a seahorse? What's more, her famous diva aunt Christabel was a notorious rebel at the same school, and got up to all sorts of naughtiness.

Mermaid School: The Clamshell Show:
Marnie Blue has settled into Lady Sealia Foam’s Mermaid School and become best friends with Pearl and Orla. And now might be her chance to shine - the Clamshell Show is coming! Marnie and Orla are both auditioning for the star role, while Pearl.

Mermaid School: Ready, Steady, Swim!:
There’s a new PE teacher at Mermaid School and he’s very strict. Marnie Blue and her friends are horrified when he brings back Golden Glory sports day, with a super-tricky obstacle relay. It’s a turtle disaster!

Mermaid School: All Aboard!:
Marnie Blue is so excited! She is going on a school trip to see the legendary palace of Queen Maretta with all her friends. But when Mum is too unwell to join the trip, Aunt Christabel agrees to come in her place, and she was offishially the naughtiest mermaid the school has ever known.

Mermaid School: Save Our Seas!:
Marnie Blue is shocked when lots of plastic rubbish starts to appear in Mermaid Lagoon. It's causing all sorts of problems and even harming the underwater animals.

Mermaid School: The Spooky Shipwreck:
Marnie Blue and her school friends are spending the weekend at CORAL, an activity centre in Mermaid Lagoon. There will be lots of fun things to do, like playing with the water catapult and singing round the bubble fire.

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