An Official Minecraft Novels 10 Books Collection Set (The Shipwreck, The Voyage, The Crash, The Island, The Rise of the Arch Illager, The Mountain , The End, Lost Journals, Dragon & Haven Trials)

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Introducing the ultimate Minecraft adventure: The Official Minecraft Novels Collection Set! Dive into 10 epic tales that bring the beloved blocky world to life. Join Steve, Alex, and their friends on thrilling quests, facing monsters, mysteries, and more in this must-have series for all Minecraft fans.

The Shipwreck
The Voyage
The Crash
The Island
Dungeons: Rise of the Arch-Illager
The Mountain
The End
The Lost Journals
The Dragon
The Haven Trials

The Shipwreck:

Jake Thomas is always the new kid. His family moves so much for his dad's work that it's easier to keep his head down and not get attached to anyone.

The Voyage:
Stax Stonecutter has lived a peaceful?if unremarkable?life in his small town in the Overworld. The son of great adventurers and wise builders, Stax prefers an easier life.

The Crash:
Bianca has never been good at following the plan. She’s more of an act-now, deal-with-the-consequences-later type of person.

The Island:
Minecraft: The Island will tell the story of a new hero stranded in the world of Minecraft, who must survive the harsh, unfamiliar environment and unravel the secrets of the island.

Dungeons: Rise of the Arch-Illager:
Brave heroes have banded together to take a perilous journey through the war-torn Overworld to defeat the Arch-Illager and his formidable army.

The Mountain:
Minecraft: The Island, a stranded hero stumbles upon another castaway-and discovers that teamwork might just be the secret to survival.

The End:
For as long as they can remember, the twin endermen Fin and Mo have lived in the mysterious land of the End.

The Lost Journals:
Alison and Max must team up to find his missing uncle Nicholas. Using the journal his beloved uncle left as a guide, the duo hurtle headlong into a treacherous.

The Dragon:
Zetta is the best potion-maker in the village of Sienna Dunes. Okay, maybe she's the only potion-maker in the village of Sienna Dunes.

The Haven Trials:
All of Cecelia Alao's friends call her Cece. All one of them.

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