Minecraft Stonesword Saga Series 5 Books Collection Set (Minecraft: Crack in the Code!, Minecraft: Mobs Rule!, Minecraft: New Pets On The Block, To Bee Or Not to Bee! & The Golem’s Game)

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Welcome to the enchanting world of the "Minecraft Stonesword Saga" series, a collection of five thrilling books that dive deep into the pixelated realms of creativity, adventure, and survival. Join the characters on a blocky journey through the vast landscapes of Minecraft, where each story unfolds with excitement, challenges, and the endless possibilities that only this beloved gaming universe can offer.

Titles In This Set:
Minecraft: Crack in the Code!
Minecraft: Mobs Rule!
Minecraft: New Pets On The Block
To Bee Or Not to Bee!
The Golem’s Game


Minecraft: Crack in the Code!:

Join Morgan, Ash, Harper, Po, Jodi and Theo as they return for another adventure in the world of Minecraft. Someone – or something – has turned the Evoker King to stone. Do the gang have what it takes to solve the mystery and return the Evoker King to normal?

Minecraft: Mobs Rule!:
Something has turned the Evoker King to stone, and elements of his code have turned into new and terrible bosses that threaten the digital world of Minecraft. Now Po, Harper and their friends must travel deep into underground and into a web of danger to face the one of them.

Minecraft: New Pets On The Block:
Everyone knows that Jodi, the youngest member of the team, loves animals in the real world and in Minecraft. She is also fiercely loyal to her friend the Evoker King who has, very unfortunately, been shattered into six different hostile mobs.

Minecraft: To Bee, Or Not to Bee!:
Harper and her friends tackle a real-life ecological crisis. The bees around their school and the Stonesword Library are disappearing – and a splinter of the Evoker King has taken on the form of a bee colony with a hive mind!

MINECRAFT: The Golem’s Game:
Despite being a great Minecraft player, Morgan feels his leadership of the team slipping away as the next splinter of the Evoker King takes the form of a golem and challenges each member of the team to run a dangerous obstacle course. Normally they would work together, but this time they are each forced to face the challenge alone – with no second chances and a river of hot lava waiting for them if they fail!

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