Miss Marple Complete Mysteries Series Books 1 - 14 Collection Set by Agatha Christie (The Murder at the Vicarage, At Bertram's Hotel, Nemesis, Thirteen Problems & Miss Marple's Final Cases & More)

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AUTHOR: Agatha Christie

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Introducing the captivating world of "Miss Marple Complete Mysteries Series," a collection of fourteen spellbinding books that transport readers into the brilliant mind of one of literature's most beloved amateur detectives. Created by the master of mystery, Agatha Christie, this iconic series follows the remarkable adventures of Miss Jane Marple, an unassuming elderly spinster with a keen intellect and an unmatched knack for solving the most perplexing crimes.

Titles In This Set:
The Murder at the Vicarage

The Body in the Library
The Moving Finger
Sleeping Murder
A Murder is Announced
They Do It With Mirrors
A Pocket Full of Rye
4.50 from Paddington
The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side
A Caribbean Mystery
At Bertram’s Hotel
The Thirteen Problems
Miss Marple's Final Cases


The Murder at the Vicarage:
"The Murder at the Vicarage" sets the stage for Miss Marple's debut as she finds herself embroiled in a shocking crime that unravels within the peaceful walls of St. Mary Mead's vicarage. When Colonel Protheroe, the unpopular village magistrate, is found dead, Miss Marple's astute observations and sharp intuition become the key to uncovering a web of secrets, lies, and unexpected betrayals.

The Body in the Library:
In "The Body in the Library," Miss Marple is confronted with a perplexing mystery when the lifeless body of a glamorous young woman is discovered in the library of Gossington Hall—a seemingly perfect haven of wealth and privilege. As Miss Marple dives into the investigation, she must untangle a complex network of suspects, false leads, and hidden motives to expose the chilling truth that lies behind the closed doors of high society.

The Moving Finger:
When a series of scandalous and disturbing anonymous letters begins to wreak havoc in the peaceful village of Lymstock, Miss Marple is called upon to decipher the true identity of the malicious author in "The Moving Finger." Amidst a tangle of rumors, secrets, and simmering tensions, Miss Marple uses her keen understanding of human nature to solve the puzzle and unmask a ruthless villain who will stop at nothing to protect their sinister secrets.

Sleeping Murder:
In "Sleeping Murder," Miss Marple encounters a perplexing case when a young couple, Gwenda and Giles Reed, move into their new home, only to discover unsettling memories and an atmosphere thick with foreboding. As Gwenda's own past becomes entangled with a long-unsolved mystery, Miss Marple skillfully pieces together the fragments of the past, leading to a shocking truth that has remained hidden for decades.

A Murder is Announced:
"A Murder is Announced" thrusts Miss Marple into a gripping tale of deception and murder when an enigmatic advertisement appears in the local paper, announcing a planned murder at Little Paddocks. As curious villagers gather, expecting a harmless game, they are soon caught up in a deadly plot that Miss Marple must unravel before more lives are lost. With her sharp wit and remarkable deduction skills, Miss Marple navigates the labyrinth of clues to reveal a shocking culprit.

They Do It With Mirrors:
In "They Do It With Mirrors," Miss Marple finds herself drawn into a dark and perplexing world when she visits an old friend, Carrie Louise Serrocold, at Stonygates—a sprawling estate housing a rehabilitation center for young criminals. As tension mounts and a series of sinister incidents occur, Miss Marple must untangle a web of family secrets, strained relationships, and hidden motives to prevent a tragedy from unfolding.

A Pocket Full of Rye:
When a wealthy businessman dies mysteriously after consuming his breakfast of rye, Miss Marple steps into action in "A Pocket Full of Rye." As she delves into the intricate lives of the deceased's family members and acquaintances, Miss Marple uncovers a sinister pattern of greed, revenge, and long-buried secrets. With her astute observations and unrivaled deductive skills, she ultimately unravels a chilling tale of murder and treachery.

4.50 from Paddington:
In "4.50 from Paddington," Miss Marple's attention is piqued when her friend Elspeth McGillicuddy witnesses a murder on a passing train. With no body or evidence, Miss Marple must rely on her sharp mind and formidable knowledge of human nature to convince the authorities of the crime's occurrence and identify the killer before they strike again.

The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side:
"The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side" finds Miss Marple in the midst of a glamorous Hollywood film production that takes a dark turn when a renowned actress is poisoned at a local reception. As Miss Marple navigates through a maze of egos, rivalries, and hidden motives, she uncovers a shocking tale of jealousy and revenge, demonstrating that even behind the glimmering façade of fame, darkness can lurk.

A Caribbean Mystery:
In "A Caribbean Mystery," Miss Marple finds herself on a tranquil vacation in the West Indies, where a series of mysterious deaths trouble the idyllic atmosphere. Miss Marple's keen observations and sharp instincts come to the forefront as she unravels the secrets lurking beneath the island paradise, exposing a chilling tale of greed, jealousy, and long-held grudges.

At Bertram’s Hotel:
Miss Marple's stay at the luxurious Bertram's Hotel takes a sinister turn in "At Bertram's Hotel." When an unexpected series of crimes occurs within the elegant establishment, Miss Marple must untangle the web of intrigue surrounding stolen identities, hidden pasts, and buried secrets. As she navigates the opulent corridors, her astute observations and encyclopedic knowledge of human nature become invaluable assets in solving the baffling mystery.

In "Nemesis," Miss Marple is presented with a unique challenge—a posthumous investigation. A wealthy man named Mr. Rafiel leaves behind a perplexing legacy for Miss Marple, involving a puzzling crime from the past and a quest for justice. As she follows the breadcrumbs left by Mr. Rafiel, Miss Marple embarks on a journey that takes her to stunning locales and introduces her to an intriguing cast of characters, ultimately unraveling a remarkable tale of vengeance and redemption.

The Thirteen Problems:
"The Thirteen Problems" presents a collection of mesmerizing short stories as Miss Marple participates in a series of informal gatherings, where friends challenge each other with baffling mysteries. With her unmatched deductive abilities, Miss Marple tackles each puzzle head-on, showcasing her brilliant mind and unwavering determination to solve even the most enigmatic cases.

Miss Marple's Final Cases:
In "Miss Marple's Final Cases," readers are treated to a selection of intriguing mysteries that bring the curtain down on Miss Marple's illustrious career. From baffling disappearances to audacious thefts, Miss Marple's formidable skills are put to the test one last time as she tackles a range of complex and engaging cases, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of detective fiction.

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