Mog the Cat Collection Judith Kerr 10 Books Set

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HarperCollins SKU: LWP0252
ISBN: 9780007953844
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Judith Kerr

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Titles in This Set
Mog's Christmas
Mog's Amazing Birthday Caper
Mog and the V.E.T.
Mog and the Granny
Mog the Forgetful Cat
Mog on Fox Night
Mog's Bad Thing
Mog in the Dark
Mog and Bunny
Mog and the Baby

Mog's peaceful day is shattered when a baby comes to visit. All Mog wants to do and sleep and play but there is no chance of that with a little baby around!
"Mog loves babies," says Mrs Thomas but suddenly Mog isn't quite so sure…
Bunny is Mog's best thing. But one day Mrs Thomas says she is going to throw Bunny in the dustbin…
Mog sat in the dark.
Mog thought in the dark.
But the dark was not where Mog wanted to be…
And who else was there in the dark?
When Mog’s garden disappears under an enormous white flappy thing, Mog is very unhappy and does A Bad Thing. But inside the white flappy thing a Cat Show is taking place, the perfect setting for Mog to make her family very proud indeed.

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