Ms Wiz 5 Book Set Collection By Terence Blacker Inc Out Of Control, Fangtastic

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ISBN: 9787293103793
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Terence Blacker

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Titles in this set:
Ms Wiz Rules Ok!
Totally Spaced, Ms Wiz
Out of Control, Ms Wiz
Ms Wiz Rocks!
Fangtastic, Ms Wiz

Ms Wiz Rules Ok!
Caroline and Little Musha are babysat by Ms Wiz - and they go INTO the TV!

Mr Harris wants to shape up Podge, and take him away from St Barnabas, so Ms Wiz goes to the Prime Minister to prevent it.

Totally Spaced, Ms Wiz
Ms Wiz has to return a puppy to her mum. But the mum is on another planet! It means space-travel: hang on your ears, folks, for a blast through the galaxy!

Ms Wiz steps in with two paranormal friends, when the school needs some supply teachers pronto. But no one expects Class Four to turn into pigeons, or Class Three to travel to the tropical island of Sombrero...

Out of Control, Ms Wiz
Jack Beddowes is in hospital, but never fear - Ms Wiz turns out to be a nurse on his ward!

The library is going to close, and Ms Wiz uses Fish Powder (which brings fictional characters to life) to save it.

Ms Wiz Rocks!
Podge is learning an instrument but he's terrible. Then he meets a street singer playing the ukelele: it's Ms Wiz of course! And in joining her band, he finds himself in a TV talent competition! Rock on, Ms Wiz!

Lizzie's cat is missing, stolen by fur-nappers, and Ms Wiz turns her into a cat to get it back.

Fangtastic, Ms Wiz
Ms Wiz is dancing with a stranger - a tall, dark-haired man with long white fangs. Can it be true? The children of Class Five go into action when they realise that Ms Wiz is falling in love. With Dracula!

Class Five discover that their new teacher is a witch! She wears black nail polish, she has a talking rat and a special classroom aide - and she uses some very direct action teaching methods!

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