Mummy Fairy And Me Series 4 Books Collection Set By Sophie Kinsella (Mermaid Magic , Unicorn Wishes , Fairy-in-Waiting , Mummy Fairy and Me)

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"Dive into the enchanting world of magical adventures with the 'Mummy Fairy and Me' series by Sophie Kinsella, presented in this delightful 4-book collection set. This whimsical series, consisting of 'Mermaid Magic,' 'Unicorn Wishes,' 'Fairy-in-Waiting,' and 'Mummy Fairy and Me,' is a treasure trove of heartwarming tales that celebrate the special bond between a young girl and her fairy godmother.

Titles in this Set:

Mermaid Magic
Unicorn Wishes
Mummy Fairy and Me


In 'Mermaid Magic,' young readers are transported into an aquatic wonderland where magic and underwater escapades unfold. The journey continues in 'Unicorn Wishes,' where dreams come true with the help of magical unicorns, bringing joy and laughter to every page.

'Fairy-in-Waiting' invites readers into the enchanting world of fairies, where unexpected surprises and mischievous antics abound. The series crescendos with 'Mummy Fairy and Me,' a magical finale that weaves together all the enchanting threads of the previous stories, delivering a heartwarming and delightful conclusion.

Sophie Kinsella, renowned for her charming storytelling, has created a whimsical series that captures the imagination of young readers. With a perfect blend of magic, friendship, and family, each book in this collection is a delightful adventure, filled with moments of laughter and awe.

Perfect for young readers and their families, the 'Mummy Fairy and Me' series is a captivating exploration of the magical world where wishes come true, fairies exist, and the power of love and imagination knows no bounds. This collection is an irresistible invitation to embark on a journey filled with joy, wonder, and the magic that resides in every child's heart."

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