Behaviour Counts 20 Books Box Set (Kids Behaviour, Feelings & Emotion)

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ISBN: 9781804450437
FORMAT: Paperback
AUTHOR: Jasmine Brooke

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Behaviour Counts 20 Books Box Set (Kids Behaviour & Emotion) is fun and engaging series has been designed to help young children understand and manage their emotions whilst also learning to read. Each book has carefully explained notes to parents and teachers to help them discuss the stories and further explore the text.

Titles In this Set:

  • Lion is Angry But Learns To Manage His Temper
  • Monkey Can't Wait But Learns To Be More Patient
  • Rhino Is Shy But Learns To Be More Confident
  • Hippo Doesn't Think But Learns To Make Good Choices
  • Crocodile Is Lazy But Learns How To Be Active
  • Flamingo Is Mean But Learns To Be Kind
  • Elephant Is Rude But Learns To Be Polite
  • Turtle Won't Share But Learns Not to be Selfish
  • Parrot Won't Listen But Learns To Pay Attention
  • Koala Tells Lies But Learns To Tell The Truth
  • Antelope Is Disappointed But Learns To Carry On
  • Bear Is Anxious But Learns Not To Worry
  • Cheetah Is Messy But Learns To Tidy Up
  • Giraffe Gives Up But Learns How To Try
  • Gorilla Is Scared But Learns To Be Brave
  • Panther Is Jealous But Learns To Manage His Envy
  • Peacock Is Excited But Learns To Calm Down
  • Tiger Is Unkind But Learns To Care
  • Wolf Cheats But Learns To Play Fair
  • Zebra Is A Bully But Learns To Be Nice

Behaviour Matters by Sue Graves

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