My Brother The Werewolf - Sienna Mercer - 4 books collection

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My Brother The Werewolf - Sienna Mercer - 4 books collection

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Titles in this set and Description

To their classmates, Daniel and Justin are identical twin brothers. But in fact they couldn't be more different. On their thirteenth birthday, one of them is destined to turn into a werewolf... This full moon is going to change everything! Will Riley and Debi find out the boys' secret? And what will happen to the band?

The Packer twins are getting the hang of this werewolf thing. Even though Daniels the werewolf, Justin is the one who's good at it ... But if Daniel wants to win the Battle of the Bands he'll need some serious werewolf attitude!

The twins are in a spin. Justins's enjoying dance class with his girlfriend, Riley. But if the football team finds out, he's dead meat. He'll need some fancy footwork to get out of this one. Meanwhile, Daniel's really happy with Debi - but her dad is super suspicious of him, and completely convinced that werewolves exist! Can Daniel throw him off the scent?

Its Halloween, but twins Daniel and Justin aren't spooked by ghosts and pumpkins. After all, one of them is a werewolf! But there's still plenty to get nervous about - like holding your girlfriend's hand, and swapping identities to keep your biggest family secret safe ... Trick - or -treating has never been so confusing!

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