My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things, Animals and Dinosaurs 3 books set

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My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things: Animals and Dinosaurs" is an engaging and informative journey into the world of wildlife and prehistoric creatures. Packed with colorful illustrations and bite-sized facts, this encyclopedia introduces young readers to a fascinating array of animals and dinosaurs, making learning a delightful adventure. Explore the wonders of the natural world through vibrant pages filled with essential information about the animal kingdom and the mesmerizing era of dinosaurs.

Titles In This Set:
Very Important Things
Very Important Animals
Very Important Dinosaurs


My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things:
The world is so much bigger than young minds can fathom and there is always more to learn. My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things is a mind-boggling visual collection of everything interesting to get you on your way to knowing it all. Full of fun facts for kids, colourful illustrations, and games that will feed your imagination, this kids encyclopedia is filled with age-appropriate knowledge on a range of topics that are complementary to your school's curriculum.- Read hundreds of exciting facts.

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Animals:
My Encyclopedia of Very Important Animals is a vibrant encyclopedia for curious 5-9 year olds with a unique approach to the subject of animals that takes curious kids on an enjoyable, educational journey of discovery. Mixing beautiful photography with charming illustrations, it's the perfect visual language for young readers, and is packed with light-hearted fun, and fascinating facts. Featuring everything from legends and folklore, world history, and creatures from the land, sea, and skies, this series is bursting with all sorts of subjects that early readers will love!

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Dinosaurs:
My Encyclopedia of Very Important Dinosaurs is a vibrant encyclopedia for curious 5-9 year olds, who want to know everything there is to know about dinosaurs! Easily accessible to young readers through a balance of striking images and conversational, age-appropriate text, this dinosaur encyclopedia will tap into every child's natural curiosity and answer all their biggest questions about this amazing lost world.

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