My Feelings and Manners Library 20 Books Box set Collection Behaviour Emotions

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This fun and engaging series has been designed to help young children understand and manage their feelings and manners while also learning to read. Each book has carefully explained notes to parents and teachers to help them discuss the stories with children and further explore the text.

Titles in this Set

My Feelings and Manners Library 20 Books Box Set includes:

A New Baby! - Learning about Change

Do I Have To? - Learning about Responsibilities

Don't Worry, Be Happy - Learning about Separation Anxiety

Hello, I'm Jadyn! - Learning about Making Friends

I Can't! - Learning about Trying New Things

I Don't Care! - Learning about Bad Habits

I Don't Want a Bath! - Learning about Keeping Clean

I Don't Want To! - Learning about Rules

I Forgot! - Learning about Following Instructions

I Want it! - Learning to Control Your Temper

I Want to Watch! - Learning about Screen Time

I'm Anxious! - Learning about Anxiety

I'm Not Sleepy! - Learning about Bedtime Excuses

I'm Ok Now - Learning how to deal with Trauma

It Wasn't Me! - Learning about Telling the Truth

It's Mine! - Learning about Sharing

Me First! - Learning about being Polite

Ouch! That Hurt! - Learning about Physical Aggression

So What! - Learning about Bad Attitudes

You Can't Make Me! - Learning about Respect

This adorable 20 books set is the best option if you want to teach your kids how to understand and manage their feelings and manners, whilst also learning how to read. It will clearly demonstrate to your children how simple and enjoyable it is to be in control of these difficult feelings.

These books teach all different kinds of lessons, from reducing screen time to learning how to manage physical aggression and temper tantrums, featuring vibrant illustrations with enlarged and repeated words. With an engaging story and use of young diverse characters, these books offer several benefits for your children:

  • gaining positive personality traits
  • developing emotional intelligence
  • encouraging being vocal about how they feel
  • promoting a growth in their mindset
  • building stronger relationships

Another key addition to these books are the discussion pages at the end of the book as well as Parent/ Teacher resources. Filled with engaging and interactive questions to help further examine the thoughts, emotions, feelings and behaviours featured in the books. Helping them to explore difficult feelings and learn how to manage them.

Do you feel like you've tried everything? Don't worry, just dive into the world of feelings and manners with these captivating books, designed to illuminate your kids about the true essence and importance of understanding how they feel in their everyday lives. It's a perfect fit for boys, girls, toddlers, preschoolers, and even primary school kids. This enchanting addition is a must-have for parents, teachers, and counselors, serving as a valuable resource.

Don't miss out – seize the opportunity and add this value for money enchanting book set to your cart now for an enriching and delightful experience!

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