My First Engineering Library Set of 6 Books [Level 1 - 3] By Swayam Ganguly

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A treasure trove of knowledge, the collection of six expertly written, creatively designed books in this box promise a creative stimulation of the brain, and enhances the young learners interest in engineering to strengthen their academic foundation and brighten their future prospects.

Titles in this Set 

An Introduction to agricultural Engineering 
An Introduction to Environmental Engineering 
An Introduction to Aerospace Engineering 
Let's Build 
An Introduction to Electrical Engineering 
An Introduction to Mechanical Engineering 


In "An Introduction to Agricultural Engineering," young learners are introduced to the innovative world of agricultural technology and machinery. From farm equipment to irrigation systems, this book provides a glimpse into the role of engineering in modern agriculture and its impact on food production.

Explore the importance of preserving our planet with "An Introduction to Environmental Engineering." From renewable energy to waste management, this book delves into the ways in which engineers work to protect and sustain our environment for future generations.

Take to the skies with "An Introduction to Aerospace Engineering," where readers are invited to discover the principles of flight and space exploration. From airplanes to rockets, this book offers a fascinating look at the technologies that enable us to explore the vast expanse of the universe.

Let creativity take flight with "Let's Build," a hands-on guide to the basics of engineering design and construction. From simple structures to complex machines, this book encourages young engineers to unleash their imagination and build their own creations.

"An Introduction to Electrical Engineering" illuminates the world of electricity and electronics, from circuits to computers. Through interactive experiments and engaging activities, readers will learn the fundamentals of electrical engineering and the role it plays in powering our modern world.

Finally, "An Introduction to Mechanical Engineering" offers a comprehensive overview of the principles of mechanics and machine design. From gears to pulleys, this book introduces young learners to the inner workings of mechanical systems and inspires them to explore the world of motion and forces.

With its vibrant illustrations, accessible language, and hands-on activities, the "My First Engineering Library Set" is the perfect introduction to the exciting field of engineering for budding young minds. Whether used in the classroom or at home, these books are sure to spark curiosity, creativity, and a lifelong love of learning in young engineers everywhere.

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